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Extremely Honest Programming

The true cost of new features is one of the toughest things for Product Managers to understand. When you've got a full-time team of salaried developers at your side, it's easy to forget the real monetary costs of writing code. The result? Blown schedules, burned out development teams, and lackluster customer response to the "big release". This is where Extremely Honest Programming comes in. EHP is all about net results.

Room Key Innovates on AWS with Cognitect, Clojure and Datomic


Room Key competes in the crowded, conservative hospitality market. Its CTO Colin Steele chose Clojure before we even spoke to him, and you can read his original account of that decision. Clojure was the right combination of performance and simplicity – accelerating the team’s efforts and codebase. Room Key partnered with Cognitect for support and expertise in Clojure, and we embedded developers, designers and project managers with its team to deliver on its road map. Later, Room Key adopted Datomic to leverage DynamoDB more effectively, since its team built the system natively on AWS.

You can learn more about Room Key’s journey with Cognitect, Clojure and Datomic in this case study.