Clojure/conj 2014: The largest yet

Clojure/conj 2014 is in the books. This was the fifth Conj and by far the biggest, with 500 attendees and 21 speakers. In fact, the conference set some new bars. It was the first time:

  • the Conj has crested 500 attendees
  • the talk videos were posted same-day
  • opportunity grants were awarded
  • more than 60% of attendees were first-timers

Since the videos have gone online at ClojureTV they have been collectively viewed more than 36,000 times. 

I'd like to extend some thanks to people who made the event such a success.  First, Lynn and Alex, for planning, organizing and staffing the event.  Next, to the speakers: it isn't easy getting up in front of that crowd, and you did it with style, and aplomb.  Third, to the sponsors, whose support made so much of the event possible. And finally, to the attendees, without whom there is no event, and no purpose.  You *are* the show. 

We hope that everyone who attended found the content and the community they were expecting and some surprises in addition. For those who weren't able to attend, you can check out the videos online, and there is always Clojure/west and next year's Conj.  We hope to see you there!