Clojure/conj Opportunity Grants

Cognitect wants to see everyone who wants to attend Conj get that opportunity. For that reason, we launched the Opportunity Grant program this year to support community members who would not be able to attend due to financial obstacles. Such obstacles can impact the makeup of the conference attendance, and often impact historically underrepresented groups the most.

This is our first year and the response has been stellar (nearly four times as many applicants as originally forecast!). Cognitect is providing tickets and travel assistance to a number of awardees already, but we're asking you, the community, to continue to help.  We need more help to cover more travel expenses to expand the awardee pool (Cognitect will cover tickets for all awardees). Individuals can already contribute via our Eventbrite page (and have done, thanks!), but we're also seeking corporate sponsorships for the program. We'd love to raise an additional $23,000 to cover the remaining applicants.

We've created the following sponsorship levels:

* Tera Sponsor: $4,000
* Giga Sponsor: $2,000
* Mega Sponsor: $1,000

If you are interested in sponsoring the Grants, drop us a line at

The Clojure community has a history of supporting its friends in need.  This goes right back to the first Conj: the community rallied together to send Anthony Grimes to that inaugural event. Chas Emerick spearheaded a campaign; Relevance provided tickets and lodging while a whole bunch of the community funded two plane tickets and miscellaneous other travel expenses.  Anthony made it to the show, and came back the following year to give a talk on Clojail.

The more of us there are at the show, the wider and stronger the community becomes and the brighter our collective future. We've done it before - let's do it again.